Simple Token Creator

The Simple Token Creator can be used to create a basic token (resource) on the Radix network

The Simple creator has fields for adding

  • Name

  • Ticker

  • Website

  • Image URL

  • Description

  • Initial Supply

  • Tags

There are no options for changing the token behaviour using the Simple creator. If there is a requirement to change the following settings then please use the Advanced creator

  • Mintable - Can more tokens be minted? Default = NO

  • Burnable - Can the supply be burned? Default = NO

  • Freezable - Can tokens be frozen in accounts? Default = NO

  • Recallable - Can tokens be recalled from accounts? Default = NO

  • Withdrawable - Can tokens be withdrawn from an account? Default = YES

  • Depositable - Can tokens be deposited to an account? Default = YES

  • Divisibility - How many decimals is a single token divisible by? Default = 18

Note: The Simple token creator is FREE (excluding Radix network fees)

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