How to create an Airdrop

The airdrop tool can be used to distribute tokens to accounts on the network.

How to create an airdrop

  1. Choose the account where the airdrop tokens are held

  2. Choose the token to airdrop

  3. Enter the amount to airdrop

  4. There are three airdrop options to choose from

    • Distribute the amount equally across all accounts

    • Distribute the amount to each address

    • Specify different amounts per address using a manual option

    Note: Using the import CSV file option allows a list of addresses and airdrop amounts to be specified offline.

  5. Either manually add accounts or add them by importing them using the CSV template provided

  6. Click Confirm to submit the transaction.

Note: There is a 250 XRD ShardSpace fee for the Airdrop tool

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