The Buy/Sell/Cart Widget

The Buy, Sell, Cart Widget is the tool for submitting your orders.

If you want to either buy or sell digital assets using the power of AlphaDex Limit Orders you can do so via the widget. The widget has three main tabs

  • BUY - for placing orders to purchase digital assets

  • SELL - for placing orders to sell digital assets

  • CART - a place where you can add either buy or sell orders to a shopping cart for submitting later or submitting all at once

Highest Buy / Sell

The Highest Buy or Sell button is a quick way to add an order at the top of the order book for either the buy or sell side.

Highest Buy / Sell +1

The Highest Buy or Sell +1 button places your order in front of the current highest buy or lowest sell price. If a market order was placed your order would be the first to be filled.

Taker Fee

The 'Taker Fee' is the fee you will pay if your order is matched against an order that is already available in the order book.

Maker Fee

If you are supplying liquidity to the order book then you will receive a 'Maker Fee'. You will see a negative fee value here, which is normal. This is the Maker Fee that you will earn once your order is filled by another user.

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