Key Features

We bring together all the key features that the most ambitious Radix user needs to make it easy for them to manage their portfolio and make critical decisions.

Portfolio Management

View, Move, Trade, and Stake your assets from our easy-to-use portfolio manager. Managing your Radix network assets has never been easier. Whether you want to send tokens, NFT collections, LP tokens or Badges, you can easily move them between your own accounts or to other accounts in the ecosystem.

Add or remove XRD stake to any of the Validators accepting stake and then easily unstake and

ShardSpace is also a DEX

Effortless Token Swapping: ShardSpace allows users to seamlessly swap between different Radix ecosystem tokens, providing swift access to various dApps and services within the Radix ecosystem.

Limit Orders with AlphaDex

Easily execute Limit Orders through our partners AlphaDex

AlphaDEX is a scalable and efficient decentralized order book exchange platform on the Radix network. It provides a central order book and matching engine that can be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of applications, whether it is a simple swap widget or a sophisticated trading platform.

Place Market Orders through Astrolescent

Astrolescent aggregates all liquidity from the top DEXes on Radix to offer you the best deal and lowest price impact.

Astrolescent is a decentralized exchange aggregator. It aggregates all liquidity from the top DEXes on Radix and automatically creates the route that gets you the most token in return.

The algorithm takes into account the amount of liquidity, the fees, and the transaction cost. It even applies the discounts you may get when trading on our supported DEXes directly.

Staking Tools and Metrics

Stake, unstake, claim and manage your Liquid Stake Units (LSU's) with ease. If your LSU's have been added to exchanges then you will also be able to trade them directly through AlphaDex or Astrolescent.

When our Network Explorer tools go live we will have all the relevant Validator metrics to help you make informed decisions on who to stake to for maximum benefit to you and the security of the network.

Developer Tools

Creating a token on the Radix has never been easier. Whether it's a simple badge or an infinite supply of your own brand token, ShardSpace has an easy to use token creator. Either use the Simple option with the standard features or use the Advanced option for more flexibility and control of its behaviour. Then once you have created your token you can use our Airdrop tool to easily send tokens to your supporters.

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