How to use the Token Manager

The Token Manager is a feature that allows tokens that have been created with the Advanced token manager to be managed

If you have created a token that is mintable or burnable then you can use the Token Manager to mint or burn more of those tokens.

It can also be used to

  • Change the token metadata if that option was allowed when initially creating the token

  • Lock the token metadata so it can't ever be changed again.

  • Lock individual items of metadata like just the Ticker. This may be useful if you want to be able to update the logo or description at a later date.

  • Change one of the token behaviours if that was allowed when creating the token. eg. change the ability to mint tokens from Yes to No.

  • Lock the ability to change a behaviour. eg. change the ability to update the mintable behaviour from Yes to No.

Note: There is a 50 XRD fee for using the features of the Token Manager

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