Types of Limit Orders

There are three main order types supported by AlphaDex

  • Good till cancelled - the most common type. These are trades that are added to the order book and if there is a matching order on the opposite side then they will be executed straight away or as soon as a matching order exists

  • Post Only - A Post-Only Limit Order is an order that will be added to the order book but will not execute straight away if a matching order exists, it ensures that you earn the maker fee and not pay the taker fee.

  • Market Order - A Market order is the same as what you may experience on a typical AMM style DEX. A Market order will execute your desired Buy or Sell trade to the required depth to fully complete your order in one go.

NOTE: You may experience significant slippage on a Market order with insufficient liquidity and order book depth. Only use Market Orders if you understand the risks.

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