The Limit Order Page

At ShardSpace we have partnered with AlphaDex to provide a limit order exchange for the Radix network.

What are Order Book exchanges?

Order book exchanges allow orders to be placed that will only execute at a chosen price specified by the trader. Limit orders are commonly used where large sums of money are involved and are only executed when the price reaches the trigger point. They give control over the price of an execution ensuring the buyer does not get a worse price than they expect but they do not guarantee that the order will be executed immediately or even at all.

ShardSpace & AlphaDex

We have been working closely with AlphaDex and will be the first dApp to integrate with AlphaDex on the Radix network. The design of the Limit Order page is centered around our simple yet intuitive design with a focus on making it easy to connect your Radix wallet and start trading in seconds.

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