Create a new pair on AlphaDex

If there is a pair that doesn't exist on AlphaDex that you would like to trade then you can add the pair to AlphaDex with our easy Pair Creator.

The Pair Creator is a tool that allows you to add the two resources to AlphaDex as a Smart Contract component. There are several points to note when creating a pair

  • The two resources you would like to create a pair for need to exist in your wallet already

  • If one of the tokens doesn't already exist on AlphaDex then it will need to be paired against XRD

  • If one of the tokens is already paired against XRD then you can create a pair with two non-XRD tokens. For example;

    • If an OCI/XRD pair exists already on AlphaDex then it is possible to create an OCI/DFP2 pair

    • If an OCI/XRD pair doesn't exist already then it would not be possible to create an OCI/DFP2 pair. A DFP2/XRD or OCI/XRD pair would first need to be created before being able to create an OCI/DFP2 pair.

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