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Andrew (avaunt)


Andrew is the founder of ShardSpace and an OG Radix Node Runner. Andrew started his journey into the Radix ecosystem when he was investigating networks he could join as a validator node runner and applied for the Olympia Betanet validator programme in 2020. From there he quickly fell down the Radix rabbit hole and hasn't looked back. He built the original Radix Dashboard and joined the Radix Ambassador programme in 2022. He is passionate about customer experience and believes Radix is one of only a few platforms that has the potential to bridge the gap between the traditional Web2 user experiences and the transformative benefits of Web3 digital asset management.


Full-stack Developer

Askarbek is a Fullstack developer who focuses on building easy-to-use and responsive UI/UX.


Full-stack Developer

Started coding since age 13. Full stack Web developer, passionate about functional programming.


Front-end developer

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