Our short term product development roadmap

November 2023 - Babylon MVP Launch

Launch our MVP on the Babylon Mainnet. Core features will include

  • Send assets between accounts

  • Stake $XRD

  • Swap assets using either AlphaDex or Astrolescent exchanges

  • Mint native tokens

  • Token Manager

  • Create your own Badges

  • Airdrop tool

  • Add transactions to a Shopping cart for submitting later

  • Quick move of assets between accounts

  • Integration with

  • View your transaction history

  • Light and Dark modes

  • Buy XRD

Q3 2023

Subscription service and fees

  • We will be implementing a subscription service for accessing the core features

  • There will also be a transaction fee for some of the more advanced features

Q1 2024

Ecosystem Insights

Delve in to the dApps and services being hosted on the Radix network

  • Search for dApps and assets being listed on the Radix network and gain valuable insights

  • Analyse their performance and historical data

  • Read about the Radix ecosystem in the news

Network Explorer

View and analyse all areas of the Radix network

  • Validator explorer

  • Network explorer

  • Account explorer

Q2 2024 +

Iterate and improve on the existing features

Build new features and ideas in our backlog

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